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Parent of a rising tennis prospect

Our son has trained extensively with formerly world ranked players and at some of the most renowned tennis academies.   From that experience, I share this:  Andrew Carter is one of the very best tennis coaches in the world.  Andrew has so many talents.  For one thing, Andrew is very smart.  Andrew has rare analytical skills with a unique ability to assess a player’s skills and weaknesses and thereafter to formulate a specific training plan to bring out the very best in the player.  Andrew is also an incredible communicator and motivator:  Andrew clearly imparts instructions that simplify the game; he effectively prods and pushes players to give 110 percent, without ever becoming overbearing.   And it is no secret why Andrew is one of the most well-liked players on the professional tour:  he is a person with the highest character.  He exudes positivity.   For junior players, Andrew is more than a coach, he is a role model.   In short, Andrew is an incredible coach who will dramatically improve any player's game.  I can’t recommend Andrew strongly enough.   

Micah and Robert

parents of two up and coming tennis prospects

Andrew has been a wonderful resource for our family. His advice and knowledge of the game are invaluable. Andrew has a stellar work ethic, and he truly has a passion for helping others. If you want a clear understanding of the expectations at the highest levels of the game...  Andrew is the best.  Our girls are better people as well as better tennis players because of their time with Andrew.


mother of two scholarship student-athletes

I have known Andrew Carter since he was 12 years old and I've enjoyed observing many of his matches over the years. I was attracted to him because I not only like watching tennis, but I love the beautiful technique. Recently, we arranged for a standard hit with my daughter who is a professional tennis player now, and we got a whole lot more. He began the session saying "I've watched you play for many years and I have something I would like to do that I think will help." In just a couple of sessions, he enhanced my daughter's play on the ball; technically and mentally. He was so professional and astute with his instructions. His coaching was successful and as beautiful to observe as his technique as a player. Afterwards, on our drive home, Aleah said, "Wow, he has something there! It was tiring, but clear and beneficial.  I'm really excited about our next session."

Tony Bresky

Wake Forest University, Head Coach, Mens' Tennis ;2018 NCAA team champion

I have known Andrew Carter for over 10 years now. He has always been hard working, respectful, motivated and determined. He was a successful student-athlete at Louisville where his tennis game continued to grow and develop due to his hard work and passion. Andrew went from playing #6 singles to #1 singles by his senior year and since his graduation, he has had success playing professional tennis. Andrew occasionally trains with the guys on our team and he is an excellent role model for our players.



Rex Ecarma

Head Coach, University of Louisville, Men's Tennis ;Over 450 career NCAA wins

Andrew Carter was a pleasure to have on my team for four great years where we went to 3 sweet 16s, won 3 Conference Championships and were ranked in the Top 10.  Andrew was an expert at balancing his on-court training, off -court training, academic requirements and social life. He is a student-athlete role model.

Ramsey Smith

Duke University Head Coach Men's Tennis ; Coached 3 NCAA All Americans

I have known and admired Andrew throughout his junior, collegiate, and professional tennis career. Andrew has always played the game with passion, and he has earned the reputation as a “great competitor” on the court. In my experience being a great competitor is one of most valuable and important qualities that a college tennis player can possess. I believe he has maximized his potential as a tennis player through hard work and dedication to the game. It is excited that Andrew is now giving back to the game through coaching, mentoring, and advising young tennis players.

Evan King

Former University of Michigan student Athlete, ATP world ranked Tennis player ;2017 US Open

Andrew is an extremely passionate competitor.  He is known among his peers on the world tour as a player who is relentless in his pursuit during a match.  The special thing about Andrew is how he is able to have remarkable character and relate to nearly all the players on the tour.  His experience and knowledge of tactics physically and mentally is exceptional.  Andrew has helped me with some of the finer aspects of the game that only a world-class player could relate to.  Its special to have someone who is on the tour and able to relate to all levels of players.  Among the players, we always respect those who aren't naturally given all the physical attributes and acquires most of their skills through dedication and relentless work.  Andrew has acquired his skills and WILL help you!

Aleah Marrow

Syracuse University Womens Tennis, Co-Captiain ,WTA professional tennis player

I worked with Andrew for about three weeks on the tennis court. We talked about what needed to improve physically and mentally. In just three short weeks, I saw a drastic change in my game. What I liked about working with Coach Andrew was that it didn’t seem like information overload. Simple drills, suggestions, and thought process allowed my game to grow in this amount of time. Although the information seemed simple, it was very enlightening. Mentally, it felt like something achievable. However, physically the drills were intense. I appreciated this mix, because you were able to focus on the goal of what we were trying to achieve in the practice session. Post practice, Coach Andrew sat down and talked about things that I had improved on during the practice and made sure I knew what goals to set for the next one. 

I believe from a coaching perspective coach Andrew understands the mental, physical, management, nutrition and education of it all because he has lived it. No better than working with someone who is experienced and wants to help other with their craft.


Parent of On the RIse ompetitor

Mr. Carter, as a coach, practiced discipline upon his students at all times. He is greatly thorough in his coaching while maintaining his strong compassion for the sport towards his students.  I am impressed with his passion for coaching young talents.


Student Athlete at Salem College #1 singles

Andrew has helped me become a better competitor, he has helped me with strategy, and footwork that has overall helped my game as a junior player and a college player. The drills can be hard and taxing, but they help in the long run with conditioning, and they are far more creative and fun than just sprinting and running stairs.

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